Scott H. Forbes was born in The United States. At the age of four his family moved to Europe where he has lived, intermittently, for half of his life. Through an interest in philosophical and esoteric questions, he went to hear Krishnamurti in 1972 in Saanen, Switzerland. In 1974 he began work at the Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Centre in England. As well as teaching, Scott started Brockwood Park Video in 1978 to record as many of Krishnamurti’s talks and discussion as possible in Switzerland, England, and India. At Krishnamurti’s request, Scott embarked on creating the first adult study center for Krishnamurti’s work which was completed in 1987. This building contains the first modern archives for Krishnamurti’s work. In 1985 Scott became principal of Brockwood Park and a trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust in England.

After leaving Brockwood in 1995, Scott went to the University of Oxford to do a doctorate in Educational Studies which he completed in 1999. That year he returned to the United States where he continues to do extensive research, writing, and consultation on education. Scott’s various activities can be seen at http://www.ScottHForbes.net

From1994 to 2007, Scott recorded a series of discussions to help Mary Zimbalist, Krishnamurti’s former assistant, document what it was like to be with him. After years of transcribing and editing these discussions about the daily life of Krishnamurti, in 2015 Scott published them online at http://www.InThePresenceOfK.org

Scott currently lives in Portland, Oregon.