Nitya: A Tale of Two Brothers

Nitya: A Tale of Two Brothers

Nitya" A Tale of Two Brothers
Frontcover of Nitya: A Tale of Two Brothers

Written Mahesh Kishore

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For ten years (from 1986 to 1996), Mahesh Kishore thoroughly researched, precisely referenced, and beautifully wrote this study of Krishnamurti and his brother, Nitya, until Nitya’s death by tuberculosis in 1925. The two brothers were so very close that this tale is more than that of two individuals, but is rather a tale of two intertwined lives in the most extraordinary context—the Theosophical world of the early 1900s.

For twenty-three years only two or perhaps three copies of the manuscript of this new book existed. For the most part, it was unread and unappreciated. In the meantime, Mahesh Kishore died, so there was no one to bring this fine work to the public. In 2019 the manuscript was discovered, and it was learned that there was no knowledge of this work in the archives of either the Krishnamurti Foundation of America or the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust in England. Copies were immediately made and sent.

Mahesh Kishore was the last secretary of the Krishnamurti Foundation of India appointed by Krishnaji. As such, he had easy access to the three Krishnamurti archives in India, America, and England. But Mahesh also had extraordinary access to the archives of the Theosophical Society in India. While much of the material in Nitya: A Tale of Two Brothers can be found in disparate biographies of Krishnamurti, there is also much material that has never been presented before; and nowhere else is all the material collected. More important than collecting this information (valuable in its own right) is Mahesh’s stringing together of these pieces to create a new picture of two astonishingly young lives with extraordinary destinies.

Nitya: A Tale of Two Brothers shines a new light on the lives of Krishnamurti and his brother; and what remarkable lives those were.  

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This is a very important document of the early years of Krishnamurti and Nitytananda (Nitya) and of the Theosophical Society.

I imagine that there is nothing like this in terms of the scope, detail and nuance surrounding the two brothers and their involvement with the Theosophical Society and all the permutations around the coming of and preparation for the World Teacher.”

“The story is a remarkable one full of magic and mystery in service to a life of perceived and understood ‘higher principles.’”

“Mahesh has captured something very unique. Without this, and his attention to historical detail and accurate chronology, the story of Krishnamurti’s early years might forever be lost.”